The Gambia OIC Secretariat was recently established as a Charitable Organization (Association/Foundation) under the Companies Act, 2013.

The OIC Secretariat is under the Office of the President (OP), to provide coordination role for in preparations for hosting of the 2022 OIC Heads of States Summit scheduled to be held in The Gambia in 2022.

Strategic Intent:

To provide the necessary resources for The Gambia to deliver a successful and memorable OIC Summit for all stakeholders, through:

- Constituting a Supervisory Board for strategic direction and approvals (Governance)

- Improving accessibility with new strategic and renovated roads across the country

- Providing first-class accommodation facilities

- Selling The Gambia as a “go-to” destination for hosting international conferences

- Mobilizing adequate financial resources to fund the programs designed for the OIC Summit

- Providing opportunities for job creation in all sectors for the youths and the women in partnership with the Private sector (The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry)