New VVIP Terminal & Airport Terminal Renovation

Project Information

  • Ground Floor: VVIP lounge, meeting rooms, rest rooms and other immigration unit and conference accreditation center for access passes.
  • First floor: VVIP rest rooms and meeting rooms.

The Banjul International Airport infrastructure needs upgrading in order to adequately handle an increase in traffic. The current VIP lounge is old and hence there is need to construct a modern VVIP lounge in order to meet the OIC and international standards. 

The renovation and the new VVIP lounge will support and complement the Sir Dawada Kairaba Jawara International Conference facility, thereby enhancing The Gambia's tourism product offering.   


Strategic Benefits 

• These facilities will enhance the drive to extend tourism to a year -round cycle 

• Improve tourism infrastructures and support the drive to change The Gambia’s tourism product offering

• Support and complement the Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara International Conference facility- The Gambia as a go-to destination for international conferences 

• The facilities will improve The Gambia’s competitive advantage as a service destination for both regional and international airlines

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