Among the key priority projects of the OIC is the construction of a 22km road stretching from the Airport Junction through Bertil Harding Highway to Sting Corner and the construction of 20 new roads within the Greater Banjul Area. Among other things, the roads are expected to improve traffic circulation leading to and around the Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara International Conference Centre in anticipation of the Summit. 

The Bertil Harding Highway-Sting Corner will be expanded to a dual carriage of six lanes, three lanes on either side, and will include streetlights, pathways, and drainage systems. It will also have two flyovers and twelve roundabouts.


The 20 new roads will be a single carriage of two lanes. It will include streetlights, pathways, and drainage. The project is divided into Lot 1 and Lot 2. The contractors are joint ventures. Lot 1-PAVIFORT/HUTA/Gambisara and Lot 2- CSE/SSTP/AL Fahd.

The roads identified are: 

  • GPPC- New Jeshwang (GACEM Junction)- Jokor Junction;
  • Kanifing Hospital- Bertil Harding (Methodist) Kanifing Estate Road;
  • GPPC Road-Westfield (Jokor)- Abuko;
  • Kotu- Nawec Link;
  • Sukuta- Latrikunda Sabiji;
  • Kololi Tavern-Bijilo-Brufut;
  • Touba Manchaca Road-Kerr Serign-Sukuta;
  • Bijilo- Sukuta Nemasu;
  • Sukuta-Wullingkama-Brufut-Ghana Town;
  • Junctionba- Herman Gmeiner Road;
  • Bijilo Site Access;
  • Rev. J.C. Faye;
  • Sukuta Health Center- Kololi Senegambia Road Intersection;
  • Bakoteh Dump Site- Manjai Police;
  • Bundung Highway;
  • Kanifing Hospital- GTMI;
  • Sheikh Zayeed Eye Hospital- Bertil Harding (Mass Kah);
  • Kololi/Senegambia Road intersection- Touba Sanchaba Road;
  • Kairaba Avenue (former IEC)- BJL\Serrekunda Highway (GTTI); and
  • Coastal Road (Zion Welding Workshop)- Wullingkama Car Park.
  • Improve tourism infrastructures which is key in boosting local economy
  • Place the Gambia as the go-to destination for international conferences- improve the country’s competitive advantage
  • Improve mobility for both locals and visiting tourists
  • Save wear and tear on motor vehicles
  • Enhance the drive to extend tourism to a year-round cycle

Bertil Harding Highway 

1. Piling for construction of the fly-over bridge at km 2+600 (Old Yundum junction) is completed. Excavation and blinding of pile foundations are underway.
2. Piling team have now moved to km 9+600 (BRUSUBI Turntable) where they have started work since September 5th and  2-3 piles are done daily.
3. Earthworks are suspended due to heavy rains and will resume immediately after the rainy season.
4. The relocation of utility services such as overhead electric cables, underground water pipes, and fibre optic cables have also advanced significantly well with 70% completion for phase 1.
5. The contractor has committed to intensifying the works by doubling the amount of equipment on site and operating a 24-hour multiple shift roster (day and night).
6. Could be recalled that before the earlier- than- anticipated heavy down pours, asphalt laying for the first 5cm thick hot mixed asphalt had commenced from some parts of the first section of the project (km 0+350 - km 1+950).

20 New Roads 

  • Clearing and grubbing
  • Excavation for pavement layers
  • Relocation of Gamtel and NAWEC services