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“The OIC is a Gambian Project”

The central recurring theme in the weeklong engagement with media chiefs is that the Oic projects will provide immense benefits to Gambians. 
The media tour concluded with fruitful meetings with the management of Eye Africa TV, QTV, and Star TV/FM.  
“The projects will address crucial everyday needs of the public like water, electricity, and roads”, Deputy CEO Essa B. Sey said. 
Other issues discussed were centered on media support, collaboration, and awareness creation. 
The Head of Brand and Communication, Nfally Fadera described the tour as fruitful. 
“The tour was a huge success. Not only did we have the buy-in of our media colleagues in ensuring that the Summit is a success, we have had fruitful conversations that would enable us to sharpen our upcoming media engagements”, he said. 
“In the days and weeks to come, we will amplify our voice, making sure that Gambians know what we do and see themselves in our activities," he added.
The management assured the team of their support towards the implementation of The Oicgambia's communication objectives.