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OIC Summit: 50 Security Personnel begin Anti-Terrorism Training

The Gambia OIC Secretariat, through technical assistance from the friendly Republic of Turkey, is facilitating a high-level security training for fifty (50) security personnel of The Gambia.
The capacity-building programme is part of the Secretariat’s goal of equipping the Police and other security services with modern apparatus and technical know-how to keep the streets of The Gambia safe before, during, and after the Summit. The Secretariat hopes to train more than two thousand (2000) security personnel before the Summit. 
The training programme will be held over a two-week period on the theme: Protection of Important Facilities Against Terrorist Attacks and VIP Protection and Handling. 
‘‘With the increase in terrorist activities around the world, particularly in the SAHEL and Sub-Saharan Africa, the topic couldn’t have been timelier’’, CEO Yankuba Dibba said.
‘‘As we host the world next year, we are not taking national security for granted, which is why we are engaged in constantly improving our forces’ engagement readiness and capability.’’
Commenting on the progress of the OIC projects, CEO Dibba revealed that the Secretariat is now moving into the operation and execution stage.
 ‘’I wish to reassure the public that we will leave no stone unturned and will go the extra mile to deliver on our mandate, and where we fall short, we will endeavour to complete it immediately after the Summit’’, he concluded. 
The Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in the country, H.E. Tolga Bermek and Inspector General of Police (represented) were in attendance.