• August 14, 2020

The OIC Gambia secretariat has identified the twenty new roads to be built under its project ahead of the forthcoming Summit in 2022.
The 50KM new road networks, all to be built in the Greater Banjul Area, form a key component for the successful hosting of the summit and it is envisioned to augment the country’s infrastructure to decongest roads and facilitate communication and economic development.

The roads to be built are:
GPPC- New Jeshwang (GACEM Junction)- Jokor Junction,
Kanifing Hospital- Bertil Harding (Methodist) Kanifing Estate road,
GPPC Road-Westfield (Jokor)- Abuko,
Kotu- Nawec Link,
Sukuta- Latrikunda Sabiji,
Kololi Tavern-Bijilo-Brufut,
Touba Manchaca Road-Kerr Serign-Sukuta,
Bijilo- Sukuta Nemasu,
Sukuta-Wullingkama-Brufut-Ghana Town,
Junctionba- Herman Gmeiner Road,
Bijilo site access,
Rev. J.C. Faye,
Sukuta Health Center- Kololi Senegambia Road intersection,
Bakoteh dump site- Manjai police,
Bundung Highway,
Kanifing Hospital- GTMI,
Sheikh Zayeed Eye Hospital- Bertil Harding (Mass Kah),
Kololi/Senegambia Road intersection- Touba Sanchaba Road,
Kairaba Avenue (former IEC)- BJL\Serrekunda Highway (GTTI),
Coastal Road (Zion Welding workshop)- Wullingkama Car park.

The director of communication at the OIC Gambia secretariat, Nfally Fadera said the secretariat’s effort is to prioritise development projects designed to change the outlook of the country in preparation for the 2022 Summit.

He said the new roads are strategically chosen to ease pressure on major highways and facilitate easy and fast movement of people and services and also create jobs, boost local commerce and significantly improve the urban infrastructure.
Fadera disclosed other components of the road project will see the expansion of the Bertil Harding Highway into a dual carriage highway of 4 lanes on each side from the Airport to Sting Corner.

“I wish to reassure the public that the Secretariat is determined to carry out all the road construction on time. In fact, we have acquired enough resources, financial and otherwise, to complete all these roads in a timely fashion.” Fadera assured.


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